May Roundtable with Dr. Rebecca Lee

At the May 2011 Roundtable breakfast, Dr. Rebecca Lee presented "Reversing the Obesogenic Environment," an extremely informative overview our community's current obesity problem. Dr. Lee's research will be very useful as CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare works to bring health, education and wellness to the most vulnerable in our community.

About Dr. Lee

Dr. Rebecca E. Lee serves as founding director of the Texas Obesity Research Center and is an associate professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance at the University of Houston. She holds a courtesy appointment at the University of Texas School of Public Health.

She oversees the Understanding Neighborhood Determinants of Obesity (UNDO) research team where she aims to provide an innovative, theoretically-derived, trans-cultural, and community-based approach to improving health to the science and community alike. Dr. Lee, a community health psychologist, specializes in community based health research. Her studies focus on populations of color using innovative strategies, such as incorporating social cohesion, ameliorating social injustices, and improving the quality of the neighborhood environment. Her work has focused primarily on women, as family gatekeepers who may have the biggest impact on shaping the future generation of youth. She is principal investigator for several federally and privately funded research grants including Health Is Power (HIP), funded by the National Cancer Institute (NIH); the award winning, SAving Lives, Staying Active (SALSA) study; the International Health Challenge in Second Life, funded by the USC Annenberg School for Communication; the Healthful Options Using Streets and Transportation in Our Neighborhoods (HOUSTON) project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; and most recently, Science and Community: Ending Obesity Improving Health, funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NIH).

Dr. Lee’s work is driven by her desire to reduce health disparities and improve environments that promote health. She has recently written her first book, Reversing the Obesogenic Environment (Human Kinetics, 2011).

Learn More About Dr. Lee's Research

The University of Houston - Texas Obesity Research Center

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