St. Mary's Clinic Off to a Fast & Furious Start

Only open for a matter of weeks, CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic on Houston’s southeast side, is already experiencing a rush of patients seeking essential health care services. Located on Wayside Drive near Interstate 45 South, St. Mary’s serves uninsured patients in one of Houston’s largely Hispanic communities and is the central hub for the CHRISTUS Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative.

The clinic was recently featured on KTMD-TV Telemundo Houston, sparking wave after wave of patients seeking care.

Read what Sister Rosanne Popp, M.D., the clinic’s director and leader of a tireless staff, has to say about some of the encouraging and heartfelt experiences that resulted from this televised report. Her words follow –

“The most outstanding part of this last week has to be the overwhelming response to the Telemundo interview about St. Mary’s Clinic. We have easily received more than 500 phone calls and they keep coming. We have had volunteers at the clinic four days this week just returning phone calls and answering people’s questions about the clinic.

What strikes me about this reaction is the number of people in need of health care. There were several common themes among the callers:

  1. I haven’t had a check up in many years because I can’t afford to go.
  2. I have diabetes…high blood pressure,…high cholesterol (and other chronic disease) and lost my insurance (or moved here) so I can’t afford to go back to the doctor or get my medications.
  3. My child needs a school physical but I can’t afford to take him or her.

Two questions that we were frequently asked were if we were open on weekends and if we had dentists.  Those are two more unmet needs in our community.

One patient among many that stands out was a lady that came from Katy. She just moved here from Denver and was desperate to find affordable health care for her diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. She had begun rationing her medications so that she might not run out until she could find some place to go.

When she saw our interview on TV she said she was so excited and started crying, feeling that this was an answer from God to her prayers. She was so grateful and couldn’t believe that she had found someone to help her. Not only did we treat her diseases, and order her lab tests, we were able to get her set up for her mammogram and register her for the Prescription Assistance Program.

Another woman, who was crying, told me that she was recently diagnosed with uterine tumors and she had no money for treatments. We examined her and all the paperwork that she brought and did a few more tests. We assured her that if she really needed treatment that we had specialists who could help her. She left with tears of joy instead of sorrow.”

CHRISTUS Foundation is blessed by the work of Sister Rosanne and her staff. St. Mary’s Clinic is already doing so much for so many in need.

Show your support by making a donation to CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic. Click here and then choose “CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic” from the  “Donation Towards” dropdown menu.

Posted Friday, September 09, 2011 in CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare,

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