Board of Directors

Leadership for CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare is provided by a diverse and devoted board who give generously of their time and talent, and a council of advisers drawn from across the greater Houston community.


  • Michael W. Mengis, Chair
  • Richard R. Torres, Vice Chair
  • Les Cave, President
  • Stephen D. Strake, Sr., Treasurer
  • Jeannette Baughman, Corporate Secretary


  • Richard E. Agee
  • David P. Armijo
  • N. Joseph Bailey
  • James E. (Jeb) Bashaw
  • Nicole P. Cao
  • Betty Stovall (Kit) Clark
  • Ernest D. Cronin, MD
  • Jai Daggett
  • Sister Mary Patricia Driscoll, CCVI
  • Archbishop Emeritus Joseph A. Fiorenza
  • Leslie (Les) B. Fox
  • Jonathan K. Frels
  • Robert W. Gibbs, Jr.
  • Anthony (Tony) R. Grijalva
  • Lindsey D. Harris, MD
  • Clare Sullivan Jackson
  • Sister Kevina Keating, CCVI
  • Dennis M. Malloy
  • Lisa B. Martin
  • Jeffrey S. Munoz
  • Hunter Nelson
  • Kevin O’Gorman
  • Lou Pelz
  • Sister Yvonne Pratka, CCVI
  • Msgr. Frank H. Rossi
  • Daniel F. Shank
  • Eugene J. Silva II
  • Gary D. Tuma
  • Mark Turzillo
  • William H. (Bill) Wallace
  • Nellis G. Willhite II
  • Don Woo

Life Directors

  • Eugene R. Allspach
  • David L. Baird, Jr.
  • Daniel A. Breen
  • Ted H. Dinerstein
  • David B. Doherty
  • Julia A. Frankel
  • Lloyd J. Gregory, Jr., M.D.
  • Robert H. Hargrave
  • Harold G. Hidalgo, Sr.
  • Artie Lee Hinds
  • R. Stan Marek, Jr.
  • James S. Prentice
  • John A. Rossitto
  • George W. Strake, Jr.
  • Mrs. Raye G. White

Advisory Council

  • Donald R. Collins, Jr., M.D.
  • Harriet Foster
  • George Y. Gonzalez
  • James (Jim) P.  Harris
  • Sandy Herrin
  • Gigi Huang
  • Albert P. Keller
  • Howard F. Lederer
  • Tommy Mann
  • George Martinez
  • John L. McConn, Jr.
  • Patrick J. Moran
  • Sister Rosanne Popp, M.D.
  • Trini Mendenhall


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Health News

  • Pay Gap Between Common Procedures
    The perverse incentives in the U.S. health care system can be illustrated by the pay gap between common procedures—like cataract extraction and colonoscopy—and the relatively low reimbursement that PCPs receive for performing office visits, researchers write in JAMA Internal Medicine.
  • Many Fronts in Fighting Obesity By Jane E. Body
    A close look at what and how Americans eat suggests that simply focusing on sugar will do little to quell the rising epidemic of obesity. This is a multifaceted problem with deep historical roots, and we are doing too little about many of its causes.
  • Avoiding Emergency Rooms By Jane E. Brody
    Experts report that more than half the problems patients bring to emergency rooms either do not or would not require hospital-based care if an alternative source were readily available.
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