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Assumption Catholic School, PK3-8
(281) 447-2132

Cristo Rey Jesuit College Prep
(281) 501-1298

Holy Ghost School, PK3-8
(713) 668-5327

Our Lady of Fatima, Galena Park, PK3-6
(713) 674-5832

Our Lady of Fatima, Texas City, PK3-8
(409) 945-3326

Our Lady of Guadalupe School, PK3-8
(713) 224-6904

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, PK3-8
(713) 643-0676

Queen of Peace, PK3-8
(713) 921-1558

Resurrection School, PK3-8
(713) 674-5545

St. Francis of Assisi, PK3-8
(713) 672-7773

St. Augustine School, PK3-8
(713) 946-9050St. Christopher, PK3-8
(713) 649-0009St. Mary of the Purification, PK3-5
(713) 522-9276

St. Peter the Apostle, PK3-8
(713) 747-9484

St.Pius V, PK3-8
(713) 472-5172

Yellowstone Academy, Inc.
(713) 741-8000

Houston Can Academy- Northside
(713) 659-4226

Houston Can Academy- Greater Hobby Area
(832) 379-4226

Houston Can Academy- Southwest
(281) 918-4316